I curse a lot.

Pronounced "Likes", idk. I track my tag if that means anything to anyone. Things I like include: Persona/SMT/Atlus, Mabinogi, Super Junior, Magi and figure collecting. I like to blog a lot of the first one and the last one. Kitkats are my favorite. My OTP is Akihiko Minato. Drop me an ask if you wanna trade 3DS FC!!

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3DS FC: 5413 - 0654 - 1283

Ruairi: Narcosis [main], Miinato, Hibikiruri, Import, Hyesu, Archaea, Canaan.

Drop by my askbox whenever you want.

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Every time you breathe in the air… You may be in fact breathing in John. ಠ_ಠ

Edit: Someone said john looked like Sora and that was all I could see so I had to change it ಠ_ಠ