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… waif and I decided that Ganondorf could really just lay on Link and it would be done with. 


pafecto merhasbandos feeding their mates

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Sumatran Tiger by Jay-Co

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Yk I wanted to see Link run around trying to beat things with the Rod of Seasons.

I love playing as Ganondorf ohmygod

akkochi says: hhhhh your art is so beautiful u v u. I'm wondering if you could do some references on backs? Of course only if you have time and feel like doing so o v o;;;


forgive my handwriting I HOPE THIS HELPS A LITTLE BC IM NOT RLY SURE IF IT MAKES SENSE also here are some pics of rl backs which you can also locate via google 1,2,3,4,5(nsfw bc butt) 

Your smile makes my heart skip a beat. ♥


Characters (bosses?) from .hack//guilty dragon.


Designs from .hack//Guilty Dragon