I curse a lot.

I track my tag if that means anything to anyone. Things I like include: Persona/SMT/Atlus, Homestuck, Mabinogi, Super Junior, Magi and figure collecting. I like to blog a lot of the first one and the last one. Kitkats are my favorite. My OTP is Akihiko Minato. Drop me an ask if you wanna trade 3DS FC!!

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バターナイフ(4pics) / ユキシロ(6pics)
Wonder Festival 2014 Summer

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These are the main characters of my mask story I’m still working on. I’ve posted a bit about them before but thought I’d do a revisit, having developed them a little more (though I still haven’t given them names >.>;;)

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Hi ohnoraptors! Any information on this~?

Hello! Chara-Forme is a chibi figure line from Empty! They are around nendoroid height. Hoozuki and Ishida Mitsunari ones have already gone up for pre-order.

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So we were looking at the one post going around about Alter’s Rin before actual pictures/announcements showed up and in the background it looked like Syo and Natsuki were up but I have yet to see any news from Alter regarding if those were syo and natsuki. It looked like Natsuki was sculpted? idk.

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